Top 10 Things for Marketers to Deliver on Great Customer Experience


A slight re-vamp of my last post taking out the holiday twist…

10.  Really get to know your customers. Make sure every customer facing person and system has access to your knowledge.

9.  When you have the privilege of interacting with your customers, listen to them (that’s context) and adjust your message, actions and offers accordingly. Provide them value, and get to the point fast.

8.  When they need help with their buying decisions, make it easy and convenient for them. Use your knowledge of them wisely (e.g., location, which buying stage they are in) and they will love you for it.

7.  Work closely with your product and engineers to ensure your product is indeed awesome. Bring them your innovative ideas and ideas from your customers.

6.  Tell them stories about your fantastic products, but more importantly have your best customers or someone they trust tell these stories.  That’s right – like it or not – they trust them more.

5.  Make sure you entertain them with these stories. Nothing is better than some humor and excitement to get attention.

4.  Treat each and every interaction with your customer as a “Moment of Truth.” It may be your best and it may be your last.

3.  When they get to the point where they are really interested, don’t sell to them – help them buy.

2.  Always respect them. Respect their privacy.  Listen to their concerns.  Try to understand their needs.

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1.  Evaluate every action you want to take as a marketer, and ask yourself one simple question. Will this improve Customer Experience?