8 AI trends for Martech

In this 8th and final short video in my Machine Marketing Series, I give my views on the “The HOTTEST AI trends for Martech” to keep your eyes on in 2018.


I cover eight key AI trends to keep a watch on:

  • AI data and processing speed
  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Image recognition
  • Natural language generation (NLG)
  • Automation and process management
  • Transparent / Explainable AI
  • One AI brain
  • AI organizational dynamics 

Adtech Martech Convergence – Episode #7

In this 7th short video in my Machine Marketing Series, I give my views on the “Adtech Martech Convergence”  specifically as it relates to using machine learning.


I cover four main layers of technology to consider as this conversion takes place:

  • Customer Behavior Data – Why the Adtech Martech convergence may force a better coordination of this data as its compiled  along the customer decision life cycle.
  • Basic Analytics & Insights – I give some examples and why this area isn’t a huge concern or risk area.
  • Advanced Analytics (Machine Learning) – I explain why integration here is key, and give some marketing use case examples.
  • Programmatic Real-Time Automation – I outline key aspects of automation & workflow, and why these areas are essential to combine for a coherent Adtech Martech solution stack.

Machine Learning Ecosystem for Marketing – Episode #6

In this 6th short video in my Machine Marketing Series, I explain the Machine Learning Ecosystem for Marketing and review about 50 major players.

I cover the 6 categories of Machine Learning vendors in the landscape I created with Tier 1 & Tier 2 players:

  • Category 1 – Paid Media / Digital Recommendation Vendors
  • Category 2 – Big Data Cloud Platforms with Machine Learning Services
  • Category 3 – Open Source Machine Learning Tools
  • Category 4 – Business Intelligence Vendors with Predictive Analytics
  • Category 5 – B2B Marketing / Account-Based-Marketing (ABM) / Lead Management
  • Category 6 – Real-Time (Multi-Channel) Interaction Management (RTIM)

In each category I discuss the Tier 1 (largest players) and the Tier 2 (contenders / firms to watch).

Machine Learning Measurement: Episode #5

In this 5th short video in my Machine Marketing Series, I explain Machine Learning Measurement and monitoring techniques.

I cover the concept of a Model Factory and Dashboard where you can:

  • Measure Machine Learning Lift employed in Marketing and CRM programs
  • Monitor Model Features and Model Data use
  • Pit models built for Customer Experience (CX) against each other (Champion / Challenger)
  • View KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on a business Dashboard

Use these tips & best practices to benchmark against your efforts, and compare how your platform stacks up in using machine learning in your marketing and Customer Experience programs.


Marketing Results: Machine Learning Episode #4

Getting positive marketing results for your customer engagement efforts is what it’s all about.

In this episode, I explore what to expect in terms of outcomes when you effectively employ machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in your marketing efforts.

I cover performance ranges I’ve seen actual companies achieve including:

  • Churn & Attrition reduction
  • Response Rates for your marketing execution & tactics
  • Sales Lift increases which means revenue to the bottom line
  • ROMI – Return on Marketing Investment
  • NPS – Net Promoter Score improvements
  • AHT – Average Handle Time reduction

You can use these figures to benchmark against your efforts, or even help you build a business case for embarking on using machine learning in your marketing and Customer Experience programs.

Marketing Timing & Content: Machine Learning – Episode #3

Great timing & content lead to great marketing tactics and performance.

In this episode, I explore how you can use machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)  to improve your message timing and the content you employ – further improving experiences for your customers.

I explore “2 Cool Areas” of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence applications – to make your marketing smarter:

  • Timing Optimizing for your Marketing Execution & Tactics
  • Automated Content Generation and Predictive Content Recommendations

My tips are aimed at improving your marketing efficiency & effectiveness.

Smarter CRM: Machine Learning Episode #2

You want Smarter CRM, don’t you?

In this “Mini-Cast” on machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) for marketing & CRM, I outline the numerous applications you can use to improve customer experience.

AI for Smarter CRM
AI for Smarter CRM

In this second episode, I delve into the various areas of AI & ML applied to Marketing, Sales Automation, and Customer Service where ML & AI play huge roles in taking those functions to new levels of insight and intelligence, enhancing productivity, effectiveness, and delivering better customer engagement.

Episode #2 on YouTube:

Machine Learning Marketing Series – Episode #1

Introduction & History of Machine Learning:

In this inaugural episode, I explore some useful history on the various areas and aspects of machine learning and artificial intelligence, and its evolution leading up to today.

Specifically, I delve into unsupervised machine learning, deep learning, and software robotics as applied to customer relationship management.

Watch my  entire “Mini-Cast” series of short 5 to 10 minute videos on machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) used in marketing & CRM to improve customer experience (CX).  The entire series is available from my website linked to my YouTube Channel:

Episode #1: Machine Learning Introduction & History (this one above)

Episode #2: Smarter CRM – Machine Learning Applications for Customer Experience

Episode #3: Marketing Timing & Content – 2 Cool Use Cases for Machine Learning

Episode #4: Marketing Results – Amazing Outcomes using Machine Learning

Episode #5: Marketing Learning Measurement & Monitoring

Episode #6: Major Players in the Machine Marketing Ecosystem

Episode #7: Adtech & Martech Machine Learning Convergence 

Episode #8: Machine Marketing – Hot Trends (coming soon)