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Identity Management in the Age of Personalization & Privacy

Artificial Intelligence: Correcting an image problem and connecting with customers meaningfully


Martech Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the GPT Bomb


Trusting Personalization without Sacrificing Privacy


GPT & Enterprise DNA

GPT Data and Analytics


CRM Magic or Smoke and Mirrors?


CDPs Then & Now – The Customer ID (Identification & Data) Problem


Don’t fall into the “we need a CDP first” trap


Pay-for-Use: The Value of Modernizing CRM Pricing



Dynamic Personalization – 4 critical capabilities for real-time CX


Customer Analytics, Privacy, & Consent: 5 tips to turn bafflegab to genuine CX



How Next-Best-Action CX helps – before, during, & after a crisis


4 CX lessons – Use data & science to make better decisions

machine learning



5 data-driven principles for the Chief Data Officer to reshape CX strategy

Chief Data Officer


Shush – Listen for customer signals with event-based marketing & service


5 Hot AI in CX trends to watch in the roaring ‘20s


To CDP or NOT – 3 tips – then you decide


4 Golden Rules for Knowing and Honoring Thy Customer


Dear CMO: Sorry, but we need a CVO (Customer Value Officer)

Customer Value


A 6 pack of tips when replacing creaky MRM software


The Final 4: MarTech Platforms and Ecosystems


Will AI in digital marketing lead to marketer obsolescence?


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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence USE CASES 

Marketing AI Use Cases

Event-Based Marketing (EBM) USE CASES

event-based marketing

AI – Artificial Intelligence (Automated Intelligence) MINDMAP 

AI Automated Intelligence

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